Reunion March 26. 2022

On March 26. RODA1962 organizes the first reunion of former players of Roda JC Kerkrade. During a meeting in the Royal Theatre in Heerlen we will look back in history with former-player and members of RODA1962. Former Roda JC player Maurice Graef will guide us trough the afternoon with interviews on stage and videos from the past. We will end the afternoon with a drink after which there is a dinner, exclusively for the former-players.

RODA1962 invites you for the reunion. Via the form you can sign-up after which you will receive a formal invitation. The afternoon is free for all members of RODA1962 and former-players. For the dinner we will ask a voluntary contribution.

We currently expect that the event can be organized in the light of Covid-measures. We will inform you in case of developments.